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1966  The SCR Research Institute of Guangzhou Light bulb factory separated from the factory and set up Guangzhou Radio Component Factory II to serve the military industry as a military supporting enterprise. This is the earliest predecessor of Fenghua Semiconductor Technology  Co., Ltd. 
1970Year  Under the background of national war preparation and famine preparedness, which began at the end of September, the enterprises moved to Dongpo Town, LianXian, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, and built factories in a mountainous area to implement semi-military management. In the ten years of Shaoguan LianXian‘s development, the name of the enterprise has undergone three changes: Dongfanghong Machinery Factory - State-owned 8532 Factory - Guangdong Semiconductor Device Factory.
1980Year  More than 200 people moved back to Guangzhou and set up Guangdong Semiconductor Device Factory in the south of Baogang Avenue until 2002.
1989Year  The company has set up two workshops, Semiconductor and Audio Head, and started to assist Yuebao Electronics Company, a subsidiary of Guangdong Information Industry Group, in the processing of tape recorder heads. In addition, the company is engaged in transistor processing business with its own equipment through the way of each other's incoming materials.
2000Year  Guangdong Yuejing Hi-tech Co., Ltd., which was established based on company restructuring, specializes in providing semiconductor devices and testing services for integrated electrical appliances. 
2001-2003Year  Driven b such project funds as the company’s capital accumulation, external financing, and treasury bonds for technological upgrading, the company started the transformation of SOT-23 and SOT-323 surface mount technologies, which expanded the scale of the company’s development.
2003Year  Launched the construction of the new plant in Guangzhou Science City
2006Year The plant was removed to Guangzhou Science City. The company officially implemented the project of share capital increase, and successfully introduced two strategic investors: Guangdong Guangsheng Assets Management Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Venture Capital Co., Ltd.
2007Year  The company was successfully approved to construct the provincially advanced microelectronics packaging and testing technology research and development center, which started undertaking large projects such as the national research project of SiP digital TV receivers, the provincial TSSOP technology transformation project, Hong Kong-Guangdong tire pressure sensors and other projects. Thus, the capacity of independent innovation is steadily enhanced.
2010Year  The second-phase plant construction of the company was completed, and the construction of employees’ dormitories was started, which planed to be completed in the first half of 2011.
2011Year  became a holding subsidiary of Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding Co.,Ltd. (STKLABEL:000636), and was greeted with new opportunities.
2012Year  The company officially renamed: Guangdong Fenghua Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

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