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Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

Since its establishment, Fenghua core power has absorbed innovation and accumulated itself, indomitable and dared to compete for the first place, and has come from behind in the semiconductor industry. Thanks to its profound corporate culture connotation, Fenghua core power has constantly pushed the enterprise spirit of "integrity, efficiency, harmony and innovation" to a new level.

Operators keen cutting-edge vision, the use of modern enterprise management methods, supplemented by a fair, strict and scientific management philosophy, to create a relaxed, communication, rigorous, enterprising good team atmosphere, under the influence of humanized business philosophy, staff self-achievement and sense of belonging is increasing day by day. The pursuit of quality and the improvement of service makes us more help. Customer satisfaction is our motivation and pleasure.

The determination to return to the society with action and realize the ideal is the value standard for Fenghua employees to overcome difficulties in the past, present and future.

"To be an excellent semiconductor device and package testing service provider" is our new pursuit.

Enterprise culture

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