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“Integrity  Efficiency  Harmony  Innovation”

Corporate Culture

Since its establishment, the company has surpassed the forerunners as a latecomer by means of absorption, innovation, self accumulation, and perseverance. Thanks to its profound content of corporate culture, the company has constantly promoting the corporate spirit of “Integrity, Efficiency, Harmony, Innovation” into a new realm.

By right of the leading edge vision of the operators, the application of modern management methods and implementation of fair, strict and scientific management philosophy, we have constituted a relaxed, interacting, rigorous, and enterprising atmosphere of teamwork; under the influence of humanistic management philosophy, the employee sense of self-achievement and sense of belongings increase day by day. The pursuit of perfect quality and service has won us supports from many aspects. Customer satisfaction is both our motivation and our pleasure.

 “To return the society with actions, and to realize our ideals resolutely” is the value standard by which Fenghua people overcome difficulties.

“To become an excellent supplier of semiconductor devices and packaging and testing services” is our new pursuit.

Corporate Culture

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