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Development process

1966The SCR Research Institute of Guangzhou Bulb Factory was separated from the factory and Guangzhou Radio Component Factory II was established to serve the military industry as a military supporting enterprise. This is the earliest predecessor of Fenghua Core Electric.

1970Under the background of national preparations for war and famine that began at the end of September, the company moved to Dongpo Town, Lianxian County, Shaoguan, Guangdong, and established a factory in a mountainous area to implement semi-militarized management. In the ten years of development in Shaoguan County, Guangdong Province, the name of the enterprise has undergone three changes:Dongfanghong Machinery Factory-State-owned 8532 Factory-Guangdong Semiconductor Device Factory(hereinafter referred to as "the province and a half").

1980At the beginning of the staff diversion, more than 200 people moved back to Guangzhou and set up a Guangdong semiconductor device factory in the south of Baogang Avenue until 2002.

1989The company has set up two workshops for semiconductor and audio magnetic heads, and began to assist Yuebao Electronics Company, a subsidiary of Guangdong Information Industry Group, in the processing of tape recorder magnetic heads. In addition, the company is engaged in the processing of triodes with its own equipment through the way of incoming materials from the other party.

2000Guangdong Yuejing High-tech Co., Ltd. was established by enterprise restructuring, specializing in semiconductor discrete devices and integrated electrical packaging and testing business.

2001-2003Driven by its own capital accumulation, external financing, national debt technical reform and other project funds, the company began to SOT-23 and SOT-323 and other surface mount technology transformation, the enterprise has a larger scale of development.

2003The construction of a new plant in Guangzhou Science City began.

2006The plant was moved to Guangzhou Science City, and the capital increase and share expansion plan was formally implemented, successfully introducing two strategic investors, Guangdong Guangsheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Science and Technology Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

2007The company was successfully approved to set up a provincial advanced microelectronics packaging testing engineering technology research and development center, began to undertake the national SiP digital TV receiver research project, provincial TSSOP technology reform project, Guangdong and Hong Kong tire pressure sensors and other projects, independent innovation capabilities continue to enhance.

2010The construction of the second phase of the company's plant was completed. Construction of staff quarters began and is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2011.

2011Officially become: "Guangdong Fenghua High-tech Co., Ltd." (stock code: 000636) of the holding subsidiary, will usher in a new opportunity.

2012The company officially changed its name: Guangdong Fenghua Core Electric Technology Co., Ltd.


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