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Quality principle:


The company implements ISO9001: 2015 , IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System and ISO14001:2015 Environmental management system. In August 2005, it was recognized as a "famous brand product manufacturer in Guangdong Province" and " " brand became a "famous brand in Guangdong Province".The company adheres to the operation policy of “Integrity, Efficiency, Harmony, Innovation” and the service tenet of “Customer Supreme, Credibility First”. Thanks to their complete variety, high quality, low cost products and booming production and marketing, the products are popular both at home and abroad. 

Quality Principle:

Scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement, waste reduction and pollution prevention, advocating green and clean operation, meeting requirements and customer satisfaction.

Technological Innovation -- Based on the extensive collection of scientific and technological information of similar products at home and abroad, the company strengthens its technological performance research, and fully absorbs and utilizes the information that customers constantly need through communication with customers, and innovates its thinking. We strive to produce safe and reliable products with high technology, high quality and high added value, and make new contributions to our country.

Continuous Improvement -- The company will continue to improve as an endless pursuit of the goal. The company uses quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, data analysis, preventive measures, corrective measures and management review to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system, continuously improve the market adaptability, adaptability and competitiveness, so that the company produces more and better products, and constantly expands the market share.

Reducing Waste and Preventing Pollution -- In order to reduce the impact of harmful substances on the environment, according to the prevention principle of "taking publicity and education as the guide and strengthening management as the core", the company comprehensively adopts processes, conventions, technologies, materials, products, services or energy to avoid, reduce or control the generation, discharge or abandonment of any type of pollutants or wastes.

Advocate green and clean operation -- The company always adheres to the principle of "prevention first, prevention combined", and advocates green production to create a clean working environment around the aspects of "strengthening the quality of the team as the foundation, consolidating the basic work as the focus, and implementing the system as the guarantee".

Compliance with requirements and customer satisfaction -- The company will communicate with customers accurately and comprehensively to determine customer requirements, not only focusing on product quality and performance requirements, but also on environmental protection requirements of products; the company will persevere in training and educating employees to continuously improve their quality awareness, GP awareness, customer awareness and professional skills, and through customer satisfaction measurement. Quantity, find opportunities for improvement, meet customer needs, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Quality Objective:

1)Customer complaint rate < 1.57 (per 100 million products);

2) Customer satisfaction≥90% (for half a year);

3) The qualified rate of raw materials and harmful substances in batches is 100%;

4) The qualified rate of harmful substances shipped is 100%. 

 The quality management system formulated in accordance with the IATF 16949:2016 technical specifications consists of the realization and support processes of semiconductor discrete devices / IC products, and all of the sections and sites related to the products. The product realization process includes the identification and assessment of product requirements, the design, development, procurement and production of product manufacturing process, service delivery, and the control of monitoring and measuring devices.  


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