Announcement of the Second Tender for Electroplating Sludge HW17 Treatment Project

Release time:2021-09-26

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Invitation to Bid
1. Project Overview
Project content: Electroplating sludge HW17 treatment project period of three years
Qualification Requirements for 2. Offeror
Qualifications of the Offeror:
1. The offeror must be a legal entity registered in the People's Republic of China and obtain a business license, with a minimum of 3 years of establishment and a qualification for the treatment of electroplating sludge HW17.
2. The offeror must provide at least 2 successful cases of similar projects from 2019 to the present, subject to the official seal of the contract (agreement) or copy of the bid-winning notice.
3. The offeror shall provide a copy of the tax rating certificate stamped with the official seal.
4. In the past three years, the offeror's "National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System" has inquired that there are no serious illegal and dishonest enterprises (blacklist) and no abnormal business list information that has not been removed. The screenshots of the information system and the official seal shall prevail.
5. The offeror has not had any economic or contractual disputes with the Company for its own fault in the past three years.
Deadline for 3. quotation documents
Interested bidders will send the quotation documents to: No. 10, Nanxiang 2nd Road, Guangzhou Science City from the date of announcement to 14:30 on April 16, 2021, Mr. Shi will accept.
4. Site Investigation
The offeror shall bring relevant authorization materials (business license and relevant treatment qualification of electroplating sludge HW17) to Guangdong Fenghua Xindian Technology Co., Ltd. from April 9, 2021 to April 15, 2021 to arrange on-site investigation and consultation.
5. requirements for bid opening
Bid opening form: on-site or telephone negotiation
Bid opening time: 14: 30 on April 16, 2021
Place of Bid Opening: Conference Room, 2nd Floor, No.10, Nanxiang 2nd Road, Science City, Guangzhou
6. Contact Information
Tenderee: Guangdong Fenghua Core Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 10, Nanxiang 2nd Road, Science City, Guangzhou
Contact: Mr. Shi
Tel: 020-82075328-8210

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24 March 2021


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