Letter of Invitation for Bids for the Company's Equipment Procurement Project for Sealing and Testing Technology Transformation

Tender Letter


Guangdong Fenghua Core Electric Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the "Tenderee") is herebyEquipment procurement project for transformation of sealing and testing technology (high-speed testing machine)ConcentrateUnified bidding, biddingAfter the bid is signed by the winning bidder and the tenderer.SetPreparationProcurement framework contracts. If you are interested in participating, please.2023Year 8 Month 18 DayGive before 17:00ToTender Receipt Letterand tender documents.

Deadline for Bid:  2023 Year 8 Month 18  Day  17:00

Unit Name:Guangdong Fenghua Core Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact:  Shi Xueyun

Mailbox:    shixueyun@fenghua-semi.com

Address:    Nanxiang 2nd Road, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou10No.


The specific bidding documents can be downloaded from Guangdong Caiyi Platform (https://www.gdycy.com)!


Guangdong Fenghua Core Electric Technology Co., Ltd.  

 20237 Month 28 Day


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